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Help with hyperthropic scar please
11-21-2013, 11:12 PM
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Sad Help with hyperthropic scar please

I have found your website, and I would like to ask you, how could I get rid of scar on my nose? I had cystic pimple 4,5 years ago, it left me a hyperthropic scar, after 2 years I decided to get microdermabrasion done, my dermatologist suggested it to me. Nurse screwed up and left me with bigger scar due to microdermabrasion (scar is now longer).
1 month ago I got another cystic pimple, on other side of nose, it was smaller though, but it too left me with raised scar. I squeezed the fresh scar and lot of blood came out, week after skin under pimple swelled up.
I used aknemycin on it, it helped, once it was healed, I used Kelo-Cote (silicone cream) on my old scar, and new scar. It made both scars worse unfortunately :/. Old scar has raised and widened a bit due to silicone. New Scar? I was applying silicone on and around the scar, it seems like it has dyed skin white around the scar, and raised it a bit. There is one small bump, my scar,then next to it is another one,and under it is another one, it kind of froms a triangle. Dermatologists I visited said that it is a scar tissue.

I have used Kelo-Cote on new scar only for like 5 days, and on old scar for maybe 8-9 days. Even though I hae used it only for such a short time, it has made a difference in my scars, and it is worse Sad.

I've read about one guy you've helped. He had an accident, which left him with facial scarring, both intended and raised scars. He ordered retionic acid I believe, a very mild one. He started using it and the skin started peeling off. Scars started flattening over time.
Could that help?
Btw, I have researched a lot about possible "solutions" to scar healing, which one do you think is the best one?
I have managed to find this so far:

I found hemorrhoid cream that works on scars,essential oils, enzymes (serraptetase and nattokinase), vitalzym (enzymes+other ingredients), manuka honey, then oil, then gotu kola, sangre de drago, massages, needling, silica "drink", florasil, micropore tape (and other tapes), thyme oil, tamanu oil, vinegar method, edgar cayce scar oil recipe, saliva, urine therapy, celandula oil,germ oil, Helichrysum oil,black seed oil,arnica oil, dr max scar serum, avocado oil, aloe vera, invincible scars, manuka oil, emu oil, old urine for topical application, retin A.

From everything I have found so far, the most effective indeed sounds castor oil, and then rosehip oil and avocado oil, and perhaps also Helichrysum oil.

In case you wanted, I can post you pictures of my scars. I would like to ask you, what would you recommend? What kind of treatment for scars? Keep in mind, that they are on nose, and I have heard, that nose heals unpredictably Tongue.

Thank you Smile.
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11-22-2013, 05:31 PM
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Hi dear!!! I wrote you back in private and I'm sorry if I didn't click reply!!! I was hoping you could send me a photo? YES retinoic will turn the skin over,. TCA LATTE or ACIDIC HYDROXY, either one works magic… if the pock is defined we can option TCA CROSS, but with proper instruction. Scars will flatten with degradation over time.. cross takes the pock mark (if it qualifies) and one treatments cuts circumference is half!!! WAS NOT AN OPTION WITH the guy in the accident!!!
Sure anything that stops anal vessels works great anywhere!!!!! WOMEN use it on their eyes..but caution..if that stuff gets into your eye ball.. its awful!!

if you don't want your pix on the forum you can send me them in private.. BUT IF YOU CAN OMIT your identity it will make you the first person to have a BEFORE AND AFTER picture posted to the new forum. YOU'D BE FAMOUS!!.. .more than you already are!!!

XX Jules
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11-22-2013, 09:56 PM
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Thank you Smile. I have sent you private message with picturesSmile. I will upload pictures once I will start seeing progress. Don't worry Smile.
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11-23-2013, 12:40 AM
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Oh, I also have another question.
I have seborrhoeic dermatitis (which makes my skin more oily), especially on nose and slightly around the nose, which is something I want to treat.
Can that affect outcome?

I can wash my face, therefore getting rid of oil that I have on my skin, but it builds slowly, and after few hours, my skin is a lot more oily. Usually even within an hour.

Thank you Smile
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11-23-2013, 03:24 PM
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Sorry for interfering,

But miss Julie have you thought of this latte http://www.perfectcomplexionskincare.com...=tca+latte

or this one http://www.perfectcomplexionskincare.com...=tca+latte ?

Best regards.

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11-25-2013, 04:45 PM
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
This is the guy I am talking about:

Anyways, are peels you mentioned mild? The guy that made this blog has been using retinoic acid (retin a), and if I am correct, that is something that flattened them overtime.

Isnt TCA a stronger acid?Smile

What kind of way of treating this is best in your opinion? Especially acid? Is there any pre-care and post-care after peel? Can my skin condition (seborrhoeic drematitis) affect outcome? It just makes my skin more oily.
Thank you Smile.
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11-29-2013, 07:15 PM
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Peels should be mild. When I used to do OBAGI BLUE PEELS back 10 years ago… those results NEVER LASTED! AND THEY weren't supposed to! Twice a year.. $600 each and we had a revolving door of clients!! TO GET PERMANENT results you need the down time, in between the peel to achieve new skin cell turnover,. 'to grow the new cells'.. ITS VERY important. What some fail to disclose is that 'under a peel, your skin is not perfect. Its not like peeling back bad skin to reveal new perfect skin!".. it doesn't work that way. We literally have to create a turnover,. we have to encourage DNA to nourish new cells., we have to grow the skin each time and then kill it to grow better skin. Its a slow process but the results are wonderful…..
TCA has one purpose. To release dead skin from live cells. ONCE you do it a few times you need begin the slow RETINOIC ACID method to encourage faster results…you CAN do all TCA but it takes forever…and can be a pain.. RETINOIC ACID IS THE ONLY CHEMICAL DEEMED TO REVERSE AGING BY THE FDA… hands down, the ONLY THING IN THE WORLD that is proven to CHANGE THE WAY YOUR FACE LOOKS.. but retinA is a sub product of retinoic acid and has very little ACTIVE INGREDIENT.
RETINOIC acid is highly irritating. Retin A, the prescription, contains a fragment of the active. And the only way to get it to work is to APPLY IT and let it absorb,. deep,. resulting in wispy live/dead layers of skin. It will NEVER ALLOW you to penetrate under .001 micron,. and the additives are just ridiculous., Highly irritating with preservatives.. You pay $90 for one TENTH OF A PERCENT. AT least in my line.. you are going to get 40 X's as much active..

BUT WON'T THAT BURN MY FACE AT SUCH A HIGH CONTENT?.. Yes ma'am! If you use it the same way you would RETIN A~ but we don't. We do short 'sit times'. We do FLASCHE PEELS (flash) just enough to ENCOURAGE FASTER EXF0LIATION!!!
and it works..
and it keeps working..
and long term results are so FREEKING GORGEOUS AND AMAZING you will regret the years and time and money you wasted on anything else!
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11-30-2013, 03:48 PM (This post was last modified: 11-30-2013 03:52 PM by salenai.)
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Thank you Julie!Smile
Appreciate it.

All right, so in other words, you recommend me to use TCA latte at first, and then switch to Retinoic Acid?
What are flash/flasche peels? The way I understand it is that I would put the acid on my scar, let it sit there for few seconds and then rinse off?
Which ones would you recommend to me please? Could you please give me a link?Smile Oh, and have you seen my pictures? Do you think that flattening of my scars is possible?
Would oily skin due to Seborrhoeic dermatitis affect the outcome?

What regimen/protocol would you advice me to use? Like, how exactly should I treat it? And what should be the after care after the peel? Also pre-care before the peel?
Thank you Smile.
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12-02-2013, 12:17 AM (This post was last modified: 12-02-2013 12:17 AM by Julie Robins.)
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Flasche peels are a new product I'm working on and I really must reserve them for seasoned clients. I don't even have data on how they perform on new users. Flasche is a rapidly performing peel on skin that has no stratum corneum. You have yours
in tact and your plan is slow and steady,.
The TCA COMPLEX is a wet/ liquid solution that you will apply to a kitchen type paper towel and swipe. Each swipe activates the solution. First time you will only do a few light swipes. We have to see how long, how often. After a few swipes your skin will either get dry and peel OR it will do nothing. If it peels, we let it peel and wait a week and do a light TCA LATTE application. Just 4 minutes and wipe it off for the first time. If you peel in 4 -5 days you know you have to go really slow and ONLY INCREASE YOUR SWIPES OR SIT TIME IF THE PEEL STARTS TO SLOW DOWN…
now lets stay tca swipes don't make you peel, THEN you redo the treatment and do 2 full minutes of wiping, rewiping, press and hold, wipe and wipe.. YOU SHOULD PEEL IN A FEW DAYS.. now wait a week, do your TCA LATTE still do it slowly, b/c you are still doing your first trial, so 2 minutes, then off… NOW IN A FEW DAYS IF NO VISABLE SIGNS OF PEELING, go back and redo TCA LATTE (RETINOIC) FOR 20 MINUTES SIT TIME.

Again, I reiterate. ONLY YOU can devise your treatment plan. You want to do AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE TO CAUSE A TURNOVER,. And only INCREASE YOUR VOLUME if no peel occurs. And never JUMP far into your application. If 20 minutes doesn't work one day….down the road, DO ONE HOUR, don't automatically go to a LEAVE ON OVERNIGHT treatment b/c the difference between 20 minutes and 8 hours is huge~~

No pre care. Just avoid using any peels or astringents!! If you have oily skin to begin with you are going to have a little tweaking on the application b/c OIL BUFFERS ACID.. so a toner or a pre pad, should ALWAYS be used prior to your application, just to shut the oil down long enough for the acid to take effect!

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12-02-2013, 02:25 PM
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RE: Help with hyperthropic scar please
Thank you Julie Smile.
I have a question, I read your post on Ebay about using TCA Complex on nostrils, and that is should not be used on that area. I have one (new) scar on left nostril, and old scar exactly above right nostril. Also TCA Complex probably requires person to use the acid on bigger area, as there are being swipes done. My scars are quite thin and small. New scar is maybe 0,3 cm in size, and old one 1,4x0,3 cm in size (length x width), and they both are raised above the skin. With swipes it would not be possible to use cotton swab or pinkie. In my case it would be best to cover just the area of my scar, and not go anywhere around it.

Would it be possible with one of the products you sell, perhaps TCA Latte (which I guess is mildest form of TCA) to perhaps put little bit of TCA on just the scar with cotton ball? So that it would burn off and peel only the scar, therefore flatten it over time, since it is raised?

Thank you Smile. I also forgot to add, my skin is sensitive, apart from being oily due to Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
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