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01-20-2014, 12:04 AM
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SPEAKING from experience? The ingredient "Benzoyl Peroxide' is the ONLY thing that can shut down a sebaceous cyst issue!! Is it good for your skin? HECK NO!!! it will age you faster than the sun by stopping the flow of oil.. BUT if you are using it in conjunction with TCA COMPLEX or any acidic hydroxy or tca latte, IT WON'T MATTER because resurfacing is keeping your new skin cell turn over rate at an optimum level!!!

So if you are going through PERI OR POST MENAPAUSAL skin issues... and you are getting NO relief.. buy a bottle of the CLEANSER only FROM proactive. $25...small bottle but you are not 'washing' with it. You're 'TREATING' with it. Apply it, let it sit for 4-10 minutes, WASH IT ALL OFF..
And THAT my friends.. is how you use BAD stuff to work for a GOOD outcome!! The products that contain benzoyl peroxide are going to age you long term but as long as you use them in small doses, I put my stamp of approval on it. MY GOAL is for your to look as amazing as you possibly can.. and sometimes that takes sending you to another hot dog stand lol!! <3
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